I heard somewhere that a good way to alleviate stress and anxiety is to simply talk out things. I don’t mean those full on anxiety attacks that some people get. I, thankfully, do not suffer from those, nor do I believe that just “talking about it” would help. I’m more talking about smaller things, that for lack of a better word piss me off (and cause stress and anxiety as a result).

There are a couple of big things that constantly do bug me: money and my weight. As far as I know, these are pretty typical, so I may or may not touch on them. I want to keep things at least a little interesting. I will instead post about those lesser things that piss me off, like when my phone does something stupid, or when an arbitrary dumb regulation prevents me from doing something I should be able to (I’m looking at you geoblocking). When I talk about these things (and do some of the other things the video below talks about), I do actually feel better. And that’s what this blog will be about. As to whether anyone will listen, that’s a whole other story (that also may or may not cause me some anxiety; I haven’t quite decided yet).